Superclear Nanotechnology outdoor coating

Ilva HTM5A273

HTM5A273 provides an impeccable finish, both in appearance and in touch. This product offers a high-end rendering specially designed to avoid any form of yellowing and offers a level of gloss of 30 °.

Note that HTM5A273 is self-sealing. A system would then consist of a layer of colored impregnator, then two layers of HTM5A273, the first layer acting as a sealer and the second, as a finishing layer.

Ideal for colors in shades of gray, this base for top coat provides a remarkable clarity. Thanks to this unique formulation containing microscopic particles blocking UV rays, the product protects the wood while minimizing the color retained.

The application of HTM5A273 should preferably be done with a few drops of pigments or colored impregnator. This addition will considerably increase the resistance of the system to UV rays. An application without coloring would offer a reduced protection of about 20-25%

When applied according to standards, the entire system remains extremely flexible, allowing an exchange between the wood and the outdoor area. Thanks to this flexibility, the different layers of the system will not crack, will not flake and will not come off the substrate on which they are applied.


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